Online manual

The menu bar

The Experiment menu

This submenu has four different options (only 2 available at present) that ideally should be visited during the crystallization experiment:
  1. The preparation of the stock solutions.
  2. The design of a crystallization design, and the preparation of the solutions.
  3. The scoring of the crystallization outcomes
  4. The analysis of this scores
In the case the user has not got a crystal to solve the structure (:D), the results of the step 4 should hint the user to select another (or better) factors and repeat the procedure form step 2, optimizing the results.

The modules

The Stock module


This module is devoted to the operations with the stock solutions from the stock.sol file. At present, only the main one - the preparation of the solutions - is implemented. Edit capabilities of the stock.sol file are planned and will be ready for the first public release.


When the program starts, it reads the stock.sol file where all the desired stocks solutions are specified. These solutions an be show in a listbox panel on the left. The user can select any solution from that ones and then, click the prepare menu. A small window will appear asking you for the amount (in mL) of stock solution you desire to prepare,and then, if required by the program (when preparing one of the 'molar' solutions, a new window can pop up asking for the molecular weight of the substance.

The result is a small window where the amount of substance and the amount of water needed is printed. The program is chemically dumb, so it will not know about solubilities and relies on you to know if the desired concentrations can be possible - in case they are not, a warning messaga will be printed in the window.

The Solution module


When the stock solutions of the laboratory (or just yours) are prepared, it is time to prepare the solutions for the crystallization experiment. Three different scenarios are Mr. Stock useful for:


Selecting this module in the menubar, the stock solution listbox remains. From it, the user can select which solutions he is going to use to prepare the solution, or in the factorial designs. Then, he selects the type of experiment he is going to perform: just one solution, preparation, a full factorial design or an incomplete one.

A window appreas with several fielsd to be filled. The upper ones ar mainly informative ans you only need to f